Welcome to my healing portal, here will you find many services to help you with your soul healing journey towards transformation
& self-empowerment.

I’m Claudia, certified astrologer with London school of astrology, intuitive guide and healer for women’s soul’s growth and evolution. I dedicate my time and energy to heal and uplift women on their spiritual awakenings and soul transformations. I help them build positivity and healthy relationships, creative projects, moving through a difficult transitions, self discovery, improve self worth and creative empowerment.

My mission is to help heal and release trauma from your womb and energetic field, to help you reclaim back your power and unique gifts by helping you transform and shift into a magnificent woman. To support you on your spiritual awakening journey and to uncover your true voice and authenticity.

I currently live in Barcelona with my family after living in England for 16 years. I was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, but at the age of 25 I left my home country with a backpack to discover the world in order to grow and learn along the way with real life experiences. After many years of incredible life journeys, lessons and studies, I’m now of service as a channel for the Divine Feminine, serving as a women healing ceremonialist, astrologer and singer of sacred music for soul journeying, or what we mystics call a Priestess. Listen my latest song here

As a Intuitive Healer and Ceremonialist

In my sessions, I use tools as astrology, personalised guided meditations, Reiki, crystals, shamanic drum, crystal bowls and channeling transmissions with the divine feminine to heal and shift what’s holding them back and bring forward their soul gifts and potential.

In a very safe space we dive into memories and wounds emerging from childhood, adolescence or even past lives. I also hold space for many women to heal their womb and energy centres known as chakras and I also offer practical advice and support with their personal life, including intimate and professional relationships, as well difficulties in their relationship to their femininity and sexuality, past abuse and/or abortions, miscarriages, or difficult birth experiences.

I work mainly online using Zoom as a media platform but I also facilitate private ceremonies in Barcelona (private space in the mountains near Barcelona) and I regularly organise Ancestral Feminine Healing Ceremonies in Barcelona and abroad.

As a Astrologer

Astrology is one of the tools I use with my clients. I’m a certified astrologer with LSA (London School of Astrology) . I started studying Astrology in 2003 at the early age of 25 after an inspiring reading with an professional astrologer in Penzance, England. Since then, I never stopped exploring and learning about this ancient art of symbolic interpretation. In 2012, I joined LSA, where I studied with incredible accredited, inspiring and remarkable teachers like Frank Clifford, Sue Tompkins among many others. Please read some of my testimonials below!

Claudia Aurora

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