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I dare to say that I have had a wonderful experience reading my birth chart with Aurora. I am surprised by the way in which astrology is immense, I was able to describe you, allow you to understand and know your nature, I 100% recommend starting this journey of self-knowledge with the help of Aurora, her way of interpretation is very special.

‘ Mar Meza Gavalo” Singer/Songwriter

Immensely astute and detailed approach by Aurora, delivered in an interactive and professional manner.  Aurora is gifted and her detailed analysis with regards to numerology and astrology has enhanced my understanding of myself.  I have found that this has been especially helpful to guide me and understand various life blocks and traps that I had previously not understood.I would highly recommend Aurora to anyone who wants to understand themselves at a deeper level.”

‘Alia Ali’ Lawyer

Claudia is a wonderfully talented and intuitive astrologer. Her readings have helped me in so many aspects of my life. Her guidance has been incredibly precious and valuable, I thoroughly recommend her.

‘Sofia Wagner’. Writer/Designer

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