Moon in Gemini

Whats your Moon sign? 🌙

The position of the Moon in your birth chart is one of the most revealing and influential traits in your personality.
It represents the way we emotionally express ourselves, our deep needs, the way we nurture ourselves and others, our conditioning, how we find emotional comfort and release, our temperament, responses and where we find fulfilment at an emotional level.

Today I'm writing about Moon in Gemini ♊️
Moon in Gemini are emotionally restless, changeable & very curious. They have a need to verbally express their feelings & can easily become quite detached.

They love a good chat, to share ideas and to read lots of books at the same time, very talkative, witty & superficial. Moon Gemini can easily & freely express their feelings and emotions. Easily bored, needs stimulation and variety, fast & nervous way of expressing themselves, easily distracted and quite often changes subject while talking, jumping from one subject to another. Rational feelings.

Ruled by planet Mercury
Element Air 🦉🌾💨

Now, how is you Moon manifesting her energy on your chart? Is she receiving support or repression from the other planets? Which house is she operating and manifesting this energy in your birth chart? 

Get in touch 🌺

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