Gemini child 21st May-21st June

We are about to enter Gemini Season ♊️ 21st May – 21st June.One of my favourite work a an astrologer is to explore the natal chart of the little ones. I believe astrology to be an incredible tool and immense support for parents to understand the nature of their little ones.

To understand their gifts, talents, challenges and to help them nurture and encourage them to develop their talents and gifts.I observe my own daughter Omara, and I feel she’s very Moon orientated (Moon in Virgo) because she’s super fussy, very tidy, clean, bossy, very observant of tiny little things, can’t stand being dirty and demands her food to be served in specific ways….

But we can also see her Sun in Libra emerging, because she’s very warm and affectionate, loves being around people and it’s quite vain, every time I dress her, she does directly to the mirror and appreciates her clothings (she’s only 3 years old). She loves beautiful surroundings and its quite delicate too.If you wish to have reading with me please follow link below.


I want to be water

I want to be Water – 10th May 2021

I want to be water and forever nude with the immense power of freedom.

I want to emerge raw from a spring and to flow all the way to the vast ocean, embracing all the imagery and reflecting the deep sky above. I want to be and taste like water, pure, transparent, refreshing and thirst quenching.I want to be like water in the form of rain drops, tears, oceans, rivers, waves and lakes.

I want to experience and discover the mysteries of water, to be calm and serene in the dawn of the New moon and to be fierce and relentless under its Full magic. I want to be silver plated under the reflection of my sky commander, I want to shine and serve as a mirror to the pretty face of a young child and to reflect the power and wisdom in the face of an elderly.

I want to be in the womb of the feminine power, inside the fluidity of life, fertility and hope. I want to be within it’s depth and to emerge from it’s darkness as innocent and pure as a baby entering this world. 

 I want to be water, I want to give clarity and cleanse all those who seek my healing power. I want to dance like water, fast, slow, gentle, sweet and some times silently stagnant in my own pain and solitude. I want to be in stillness with no shape.

I want to be water for one day only, to feel the earth below me and to be part of a multitude of billions of particles.

 I want to be the water in the eyes of those who cry. I want to be the rain for those who seek it. I want to fall from the clouds and gently descend over the forests, giving myself totally to all animals and trees who need my sustain and life.

In every drop I will scream of joy, I will be full of infinite power and nourishment.

Wait for me with open arms, I will softly pour myself over you, like a silk scarf or like a breeze, you won’t feel cold, you wont feel wet, because you will need me and respect my touch, my contact in your skin and your heart, I want to be water and only then I will be whole and free.

Taurus Affirmations

It’s Time to connect with mother earth my friends, time to celebrate Spring and nature, time to heal and detox your body and spiritual energy, time to engage with all your physical senses too.

We invite you to walk bare foot over the earth, to practise a ritual where you can engage with mother nature on a deep level. 

We invite you to wear a favourite loose gown, in light colour If possible and to surrender to the magic of the forest, to sing a favourite song and don’t worry if you don’t have a singing voice, she still wants to hear you, she wants to celebrate with you, she wants to establish a beautiful moment of bliss and connection.

The Earth has the capacity to ground, clean and protect you, all you need to do is be there and be still for a few moments, also mother nature loves to hear you speak to her, she loves your wisdom and your funny jokes, and shed’s calling you to establish a firm relationship with her, one of trust bond and pure friendship, she’s an amazing and reliable friend, you can tell her all your secrets, your pains and hurts and she promises to always be there, supporting you and holding you tight in her eternal Green Arms of Glory. 

We invite you to breath in deeply, to let fresh and clean air fill your lungs with vitality, her roots to restore you with nutrients and feed your body and soul completely.

Taurus Season

Taurus Season is upon us!! 🌿🌱🎋🌲

This is a perfect time to focus on grounding, to connect with nature and to work persistently towards our goals. Taurus energy gives us the endurance to pursue with determination our goals and visions. Taurus is stubborn and fixed, but also very loving, nurturing, faithful and loyal.You’re invited to enter this earthly season focusing on self-worth, and self-love.

Make a list of the top things you most value in yourself and in your life. Sensuality plays a big role here, Taurus being ruled by Goddess Venus suggests self-indulgence in every way, body, mind and soul – indulging your senses of taste, touch and smell – so, plan a nice picnic outside in the woods with loved ones and connect with nature on a regular basis, go to your favourite hairdresser, book a full body massage, buy that perfume or favourite dress.

Treat yourself as a Queen/King and have that lovely glass of fine wine. You’re worth it and you deserve it.