Capricorn Season 2021

Welcome to Capricorn Season 2021.
22th Dec/20th Jan.
Capricorn is by nature a reserved, grounded, serious, ambitious and very hard working sign. I call the Capricorns ‘the builders’, the ones that work very hard with commitment and discipline towards a goal. So my advice under this season is to plan, use this time to think what would you like to build for your self or for others, think about your ambitions and not only material ones, it can be working towards the development of an ideal, relationships, deepening your consciousness, or to get physically fitter or healthier, the choice is yours.

We know that in order to manifest we need to plan and slowly start working towards it with discipline and endurance. Be ambitious but be aware that ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’, good things take time, and Capricorn teach us the value of a good solid foundation, the base and structure is very important in order to support and maintain the ‘building’ and off course the keyword that blesses this sign is “PATIENCE”.

One thing to be aware is that Capricorn energy is also quite traditional, reserved and cold, it’s important through winter season that we make an extra effort to be kind and to show our sentiments and emotions to loved ones, and we have Christmas to show our love and appreciation, even under strict conditions duo to Covid. 

So my advice is:

Make that list, meditate as much as you can from today, focus on what you wish to manifest and work towards in 2021 and answer your self this questions?

Where do you want to be professionally by the end of 2022?

What’s your long term goal?

What do you need to release in order to start afresh?

How can you be more disciplined into working towards your goal?

Which fears and limitations are holding you back?

Which transformation you want see in 2022?

We all have Capricorn in our personal charts (some stronger, some weaker, but nevertheless it’s there) and it’s influence its felt in the house (area of life where which Capricorn occupies) This adds another dimension into it’s personal influence, and that is what astrologers can help to decode.

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Happy Solstice & Festive Season to All

Which Goddesses are rooted within you?

Goddess astrology

A freedom loving Sagittarius Artemis?
A sensual and pragmatic Taurus Aphrodite?
A motherly and protective Cancer Yemanja?
A deep and powerful Scorpion Lilith?
I discovered a new depth of understanding results, when the two combined forces of astrology and the Goddess consciousness archetype are taken together. The two proved binocular vision into the psychology of women influenced by powerful inner forces, or archetypes who can be personified by the Goddesses and the natal chart combined. As we are a combination of both our inner and outer worlds, outer forces, like the patriarchy society, religion as well as the early conditioning can repress and diminish our divine feminine power but at same time can also awake and reenforce some positive Goddess patterns like the warrior to fight and break free. With this advanced and unique method, I’m able to discover which Goddesses are aligned with your heart and soul and which Goddess is operating at this stage of your life, calling you for healing and integration, this is normal activated by transits and progressions in the natal chart.

I work mainly with 15 Goddess Archetypes, and they are:
Artemis – Goddess of the hunt and Moon
Macha – Goddess of war, abundance, protection and prosperity
Aphrodite – Goddess of sensuality, pleasure and feminine power
Butterfly Maiden – Goddess of rebirth, transformation, freedom, balance & fertility
Demeter – Goddess of earth fertility, harvest and nature
Rhiannon – Goddess of the heart, creativity and confidence
Hestia – Goddess of purity, boundaries and spirituality
Lakshmi – Goddess of abundance, prosperity and Love
Inanna – Goddess of eroticism, sensuality and the underworld
Brigid – Goddess of music, creative inspiration, art and divination
Kwan Yin – Goddess of compassion, healing and purity
Yemanja – Goddess of the Sea, womb wisdom, fertility, creation and Moon cycles
Lilith – Dark Goddess of the freedom, equality, pleasure and sexual freedom
Sige – Goddess of silence, contemplation, stillness and clarity.
Kali – Goddess considered to be the Master of death, time and change.

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Room with a view

Why are you deciding to close yourself between four walls and a ceiling? When you know outdoor space is where you can experience the bliss, the freedom and the unlimited source of inspiration. If you wish to be locked inside, we invite you to go deep within yourself and explore every little corner of your soul, so you can understand how powerful and mysterious and formidable you are.

The flowers need the light to bloom and so do you, even if that means to bath under the moonlight or the shining beauty of a single star, that tiny sparkly pearl in the sky is as unique in size and beauty as you are. It loves to shine, because it’s her mission and her destiny, to illuminate the dark sky with hope and delicacy.

Shine your light & your colour. You are magical, unique & incomparable.

When you’re inside the four dense walls of pessimism or negativity, try to draw a window, so you can find faith and a different perspective every time you look through it. A room with a view holds magic and power, because it breathes, it expands and receives life and light. The four walls of your heart also need this light, this breeze, this hope to feel happy, joyful and soulful again. To feel love and gratitude, your heart needs to open to Love and divine guidance. We invite you to open a new window and receive fresh opportunities, new views and new beginnings. This way a new dawn will rise in your heart alongside a new expression, a new passion and a new way of feeling, being and living. This view will awake your inner compass of intuitive power and wisdom.

Grasp your painting brush and draw that window now, you can paint it any color you want, and you can change the colours too, everyday or every week, because there infinite possibilities for your soul to expand, and grow, to feel, to see, to seek.
Keep walking ahead, don’t look back at what should have been or the past failed possibilities, that energy expenditure is anchoring you to a memory of sadness and bitterness. If you look back, look at the celebrations instead, at the fruits your harboured and the beautiful seeds oh hope you planted in so many peoples hearts.

Each single step of the way we are with you, in invisible form, trying our best to keep your mind positive, so you don’t fail to recognise the opportunities that bless your day and your future.

Open that window now, see how far you came, and how much growth you experienced and now that you’re aware of the infinite forces that lies within you, you are unstoppable. You’re co-creating your future with the best assistance one can ask for, the divine force of Abundance. Open that window now, let the sunshine in, let your flower bloom and shine its light and beauty to others who are still sleeping or in pain.
Sprinkle your magic over them, teach them how to open the window of their own hearts, so they can invite to themselves, the infinite and loving possibilities the universe has to offer. With Love from my heart to yours.

Aurora 30.11.21

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Goddess Artemis & Sagittarius

Artemis the Guardian Goddess of Chastity, Moon, Hunt, Nature & Animals.

Artemis like Sagittarius, represents the free-spirited woman who makes her own choices and seeks freedom and independence at all times. She choses how to live and she creates her own rules. The energy of this Greek Goddess of the hunt and the Moon is found roaming the wild mountains accompanied by her hunting dogs.
She wears short tunic dress so she has freedom to move at all times and she carries in her back a bow and arrows. She’s the protector of wild spaces, babies and children.
She is knows as the Goddess of women in childbirth, and women can appeal to her for an easy labour.

This Goddess archetype is very connected wit the fire sign of Sagittarius, they both share similarities in strength, spirit and needs. Both value their independence faith and freedom above anything else, Sagittarius has great difficulty in being held captive or under any form of emotional of physical control. If you have Sagittarius prominent in your chart or if you are experience a transit or progression that is activating your Sagittarius nature, this is a Goddess archetype to cal upon. Or if you need the courage to break free of past limitations and move into your authenticity and your heart passion, Artemis force can help you letting go of restrictions and limitations the is preventing you from being in connection to your wild heart. Sagittarius rules the hips, and it’s extremely important under this Season to walk outdoors and to exercise as much as possible.

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Sagittarius Season 2021

Welcome to the positive and expansive season of Sagittarius.
The Sun will move into the fire season on the 21/22nd of November, after being in the underground watery world of Scorpio. Sagittarius is ruled by the wonderful, large, generous and expansive planet Jupiter.

This is a great season to start planning ahead, to practise creative visualisation, to have faith and optimism on your future plans and your goals. Sagittarius also invites us to embark on new adventures, to seek foreign lands, cities or countries and to escape the routine and the mundane, to dream higher and to dare.
If you tap into the force of this highly spirited sign, you can be spiritually and psychologically lifted, but it’s important you take grounded action too, like pack your bags and go somewhere new, even if that means a short journey, long walks in the woods or plan a weekend out of the city, just get away from your normal routine.
This is a wonderful time for freedom, expansion, learning, exploring and dreaming. This is the period of the year time to gain the courage to leap forward, to release the old chains, to push past limitations, both physically, emotionally and spiritually, to meditate daily and to use positive affirmations to help you feel positive and hopeful about your future and also being grateful for your present and all the abundance in your life.

Ask yourself?

Where do your feel restricted?

How do you let go of self consciousness and claim your connection to your wild heart desires?

Are you following your soul call?

If you’re been feeling desmotivated lately or, without a sense of purpose in life?
Invite the Jupiterian expansive energy into your life by starting practising mindfulness meditation, read about other cultures and philosophies, go horse riding, travel, do anything that will make you feel free, wild, positive and open your heart to growth, both emotionally and spiritually. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, a lover of large, wide spaces, distance shores, deep and insightful philosophies, religions and literature, the eternal student and off course a lover of fine and exquisite exotic cuisine, so invite a loved one or a friend and take them our for dinner in an exotic restaurant, practise generosity by giving a donation to a charity or to a cause you believe in. This is a time for faith, to aim higher, into the deep infinite sky, into the infinite possibilities of life.
To understand the bigger picture and the bigger forces that operating in our lives, even if we are not aware of them. Blessings brothers & sisters, the Archer is here.

GODDESS Archetype for the Sagittarius Season


‘Like me, you have a sacred mission, to send love and light. Yet, this isn’t a position that comes from worry and fear. Instead, the gentle essence of a joyful heart and lightheaded laughter sets your power into motion. Why would there be any tension in your mind or system unless you believed that you were somehow unsafe? And how could you be unsafe when you’ve called upon spiritual warriors to watch over you? Your payers have activated the flawless protection of Heaven. So, ease your mind of all cares and concerns, and concentrate instead upon your holy mission?’ Goddess Guidance Oracle (Doreen Virtue)

Do you have a spiritual practise, a faith or a higher purpose? If not, it’s time to connect with the light forces and trust that even when you feel sad, discouraged, distressed or unprotected, a team of powerful warriors, angels and Goddesses are watching over you Give all your concerns to them. Light a fire, burn all your worries, and open your heart to receive guidance towards the fulfilling of your soul calling, your mission, your deepest heart desires.

Aurora 22.11.21

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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus 2021

Full Moon eclipse in Taurus 19.Nov.2021

Today and within the next few days you are called to LET GO!
LET GO of that heavy weight that keeps you stuck and unable to move on into new chapter in your life.

Practise a grounded meditation, dig your both feet into the earth, either by going to the countryside, woods or simply imagine the Earth in your minds eye.

Answer these questions?
•What have you been holding too that needs releasing?
•Which foundations feel wobbly or unstable in your life right now?
•Where do you lack self worth and self esteem?
•Are you honouring your body, sensuality and sexuality?
•Where in your life you show resistance to change?
•Where do you feel emotionally stuck and unable to let go and move on?

This powerful full moon eclipse invites you to look deep within yourself, your limitations,
your deep fears, resistances, low self esteem and feeling of lack in general.
You are invited to ground firmly into Mother Gaia, to nourish your body, mind and soul, to surrender to divine timing, to celebrate and integrate both your shadow and your light, to nurture your feminine divine nature and power, to invite the Goddess light and nectar into your heart and heal a little bit more, baby steps, yet grounded and firm.

Tonight is when we should burn our old clothes, ten tattered ones, that no longer fits our life and our new purpose.







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Blessing to All,

Moon Child Goddess

Moon Child Goddess,

Awake dear child and fall deeply into my arms
They are sweet and they are tender,
Yet fiercely protective.
My womb gives birth to new worlds, new springs
New strength and new forms

My heart is filled with motherly compassion
When I pour my nourishing waters
All over your body, your mind and your soul
I wash away and remove all that no longer serves you

Surrender to the warmth of my caring arms
And wear this new gown with love
The infinity of your soul is calling you to rise
The finite of your body is calling to pause

I wipe all the tears that gently slide down your face
I make sure every single drop drowns in my river
These tears will not be forgotten,
These salted waters are as sacred as the Sea 
They carry deep emotions and stories of wisdom

Release child, release, breath in the gentle light and my sweet nectar
You are called to heal and integrate both your inner light and your shadow
I will paint your naked body under the Moonlight 
I will draw the crescent Moon in your brow 
I will whisper in your ears forgotten songs of ancient mysteries
Your soul will recognise them, because long, long time ago they were sung by you

These songs carry codes of healing and transformation
You will sing each melody like pure honey,
As the flower of your heart blooms, bees will fly towards you.
When you sit in stillness and peace, the sweetness of your words 
Will enchant, transfix and deeply enter the coldest of hearts

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Aurora. 14.11.2021

11/11 – 11th November 2021

We are in the middle of the powerful and regenerative Scorpio season, and as we are reaching the end of another year cycle, we are being reminded to shed, to transform, to let go, to peel, to feel, to heal, to cry a little or a lot, to not be ashamed of our darkness, desires, past failures, mistakes, these form part of our unique soul lessons. After all we are in this earth school incarnated in a human body to both learn and teach from every little action, emotion, interaction. and relationships.

1111 also reminds us of the great opportunity to start a new, fresh new beginnings in both body, mind and soul as we gradually peel the old skin.
1111 speaks about the power of thoughts and how these affect your life.
Today it’s very important to set new intentions with a prayer or meditation, to journal our deep emotions, to walk bare feet on muddy ground, to connect with both our light and our darkness, as both form part of nature and our consciousness.

1111 invites us to look around with the divine inner eye, to understand we are a divine flame and divinely guided by an unseen team of angels, masters, teachers, ancestors, Goddesses and loved ones in spirit.

We are swimming the powerful underground well of Scorpion waters, and it’s ok to let go and die a little or a lot, it’s ok to feel sad, rage and anger, it’s ok to explode and release!! Only this way one can truly return home to himself and the soul, rebirth from the old ashes off the past and fly free once again like the butterfly out of the cocoon.

Hug yourself, be compassionate and kind in this transition, we are all learning one step at the time, integrating these strong feelings of self power, passion and determination into our new skin, a new phase.

Happy 1111

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Abundance is in the kiss of the child,
Abundance is in the depth of the sky.
Abundance is in the roots of a tree
Abundance is magic and wild

If you look around you,
you see abundance everywhere, 
In stillness, in motion, emotion, hugs and gestures.
We return again to remind you
that deep within your heart
lays a well of infinite abundance, Infinite joy,
Infinite happiness & infinite love.

All you need to do, is to gently access it and little by little start extracting from this deep well all the nourishment you need for your body, mind and soul.

When you look at night sky and you see an infinite blanket of stars, can you feel how generous the creator is, to bless you with such sight?
When you enter then sea and feel the cold waves refreshing your body, can feel how generous nature is to bless you with so much depth and cleanse?

To bring more abundance in to your life, gratitude is what you must practise.
To be grateful every single day for every single breath, every single bite, every single hug, every single step. Abundance is a very big word, huge indeed, and what feels small or little for you might feel big and magnificent to others, for that reason you must always appreciate every little action of effort from the loved ones and strangers towards you.

Greed is the enemy of abundance, when you walk through life with the palms of your hands open, ready to share your natural gifts into the world with love, integrity and generosity, other hands will gradually open, to receive it and blend their palms with yours in an exquisite beauty exchange.
When you walk through life with your hands closed, your will be living a cold and solitary existence, no matter how many blankets you find to cover yourself with, no heat will reach into your heart. The secret is always to share a little bit of yourself every single day of our life, to leave behind a trace of love, compassion and stardust while gently sow little seeds of hope and nurturance, with the aim that one day, trees and flowers will bloom, grow and feed many fellow souls with their fruits, beauty and scent.

Your seeds are unique, your heart is unique, your smile is unique, your journey is unique. Be grateful, always.

Connect with your generous soul, collect the seeds from within and start sowing, we are right behind you plowing, helping with all the maintenance of the heart.

In Love and light,

Aurora 9.10.2021

Channeled words by Spirit