Libra Season

Welcome to the harmonious & glamorous Libra Season!! Aprox. September 22 to October 22 This season invites to step in for romance, dating, to develop equilibrium/fairness in the aspects of our life that needs to adjustment and balance. Libra is an air sign and cardinal energy, this means this is a good season to initiateContinue reading “Libra Season”

Venus conjunct Mars in Leo ♌️

Venus Conjunt Mars in Leo – July 2021 ♌️ Mars and Venus don’t meet up very often, but when they do, we can expect fireworks, heat, increased creativity and sexuality, an optimal time for dating too. Briefly speaking, Mars represents our sexual drive, Venus represents sensuality, indulgence and pleasure and Leo is the master ofContinue reading “Venus conjunct Mars in Leo ♌️”