New Moon in Scorpio – Solar Eclipse 2022


• I let go I let go of all that no longer serves me and my spiritual growth
• I surrender to this purging phase with determination & trust
• Darkness forms part of life & my human experience
• I let myself feel deeply
• I honour my moments of solitude
• I am protected
• I am safe

Todays New Moon in Scorpio marks the beginning of a powerful season and it’s a huge opportunity to let go once and for all of those hidden skeletons in the closet of your mind, body and soul, literally speaking.

New Moon in Leo ♌️

New Moon in Leo ♌️  18.08.2020 & 19.08.202003:41am – London time04:41am – Barcelona & Oporto  This weeks new moon in Leo asks us for more creativity & fierce focus, self belief and confidence in our natural talents. What are your natural talents?What are you looking to create and achieve this month, this year? Leo if aContinue reading “New Moon in Leo ♌️”