Full Moon in Leo

Welcome to the first Full Moon of the Year. Energies are high and volatile for the next days, as theres little battle going on in the skies between Mars, Uranus and the Sun… Also the Moon is quite under a bit of stress too, so hold on in there and take very good care ofContinue reading “Full Moon in Leo”

♈️ Full Moon in Aries Thursday 1st October ♈️

London 22:05. Spain 23:05. Portugal 22:05 Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Aries, at same time we have Mars retrograde in Aries and Chiron in Aries too, meaning this is a fiery, impulsive and angry combination and it’s affecting us all in some way or another, our wounds are surfacing, and it’s takes courageContinue reading “♈️ Full Moon in Aries Thursday 1st October ♈️”