Sagittarius season

Welcome to Sagittarius season. 22nd November to 21st December Under the expansive and positive sign of Sagittarius, we start a new season, Sagittarius is mythically represented by the Archer and it’s key words are: the traveller, the truth seeker, the idealist and it’s ruled by Jupiter, the great benefit, that represents expansion, growth, opportunities, beliefs,Continue reading “Sagittarius season”

The Great Conjunction 2020

Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius – 21st December 2020 This year is being so far a huge rollercoaster emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each one of us has experienced loss in some sort of way, and seems like things are definitely changing, perhaps for the best, but before we reap we need to sow and beforeContinue reading “The Great Conjunction 2020”

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