Super New Moon in Libra

Super New Moon in Libra  Friday 16th October London 20:31Portugal 20:31Spain 21:31 Time to set new intentions, renew or attract relationships A Super New Moon only happens when the Moon is the closest to our planet, so lets praise and work with her, and let our wishes be amplified. (Moon goes void of course for 12Continue reading “Super New Moon in Libra”

Libra Season 23 September/ 22 October ♎️

Libra Season 23 September/ 22 October Welcome to the Libra season, beginning of Autumn, time to shed & let go and time to show loving appreciation towards others, time to explore art & beauty, time to pamper ourselves or to have a truly romantic dinner or if you’re single to do an online dating. It’sContinue reading “Libra Season 23 September/ 22 October ♎️”