Super New Moon in Scorpio

Super New Moon in Scorpio Sunday 15.11.2020 London 05:07am Portugal 05:07am. Spain 06:07am Meditation & Ritual best done between the 15th-20th November This is a good time to let go, declutter emotional baggage, fears and traumas but also a good time to set new intentions, to look ahead and to dream a little (The MoonContinue reading “Super New Moon in Scorpio”

Scorpio Season

Observation, elimination, transformation, release Scorpio season 23rd October to 21st November 2020 The scorpion represents this powerful sign, the sign of shedding and regenerative powers. Scorpio is ruled by Planet Pluto (planet of alchemy, evolution and regeneration)We all have Scorpio and Pluto in our natal charts and that area of life is impacted by theContinue reading “Scorpio Season”