Taurus Affirmations

It’s Time to connect with mother earth my friends, time to celebrate Spring and nature, time to heal and detox your body and spiritual energy, time to engage with all your physical senses too. We invite you to walk bare foot over the earth, to practise a ritual where you can engage with mother natureContinue reading “Taurus Affirmations”

Taurus Season

Taurus Season is upon us!!🌿🌱🎋🌲
This is a perfect time to focus on grounding, to connect with nature and to work persistently towards our goals.
Taurus gives us the endurance energy to pursue with determination our goals and visions. Taurus is stubborn and fixed, but also very loving, nurturing, faithful and loyal.
You’re invited to enter this earthly season focusing on self-worth, and self-love. Make a list of the top things you most value in yourself and in your life. Sensuality plays a big role here, Taurus being ruled by Goddess Venus suggests self-indulgence in every way, body, mind and soul – indulging your senses of taste, touch and smell – so, plan a nice picnic outside in the woods with loved ones and connect with nature on a regular basis, go to your favourite hairdresser, book a full body massage, buy that perfume or favourite dress. Treat yourself as a Queen/King and have that lovely glass of fine wine. You’re worth it and you deserve it.